Digital Evidence Management Solution

VIEVU Solution is the next generation fully-hosted digital evidence management system. Built on Microsoft Azure Government cloud, the first enterprise cloud to directly support CJIS, VIEVU Solution allows you to securely upload videos and documents directly from your computer or smartphone, eliminating the hassle and maintenance of an on-site storage solution. See more detail below or download the data sheet.

Web Interface

VIEVU Solution is fully hosted and can be accessed from any modern web browser. An optional IP restriction feature allows you to control the locations where the system can be accessed preventing unauthorized access.

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CJIS Compliance:
Microsoft Azure Government

VIEVU partnered with Microsoft® to develop the VIEVU Solution™ Cloud platform on Microsoft® Azure Government*, which is the first – and only – hyper-scale commercial infrastructure cloud platform contractually committed to helping federal, state and local governments meet CJIS Policy requirements. The VIEVU Solution allows government customers to store their data in the Cloud without concern over CJIS compliance. Microsoft® Azure Government has statutory CJIS compliance to state laws, regulations, agency requirements and is FBI-certified. Additional information about compliance can be found here.