Built on a next generation modular platform and capable of recording a full shift.

  • 95 Degree Field of View
  • 12 hours of Continuous Recording
  • Wireless Live Streaming

Ultra small, rugged, easy to use and wear. Extended record time with external battery pack.

  • 95 Degree Field of View
  • Small Size: 1.9″x1.9″x.85″
  • 3 hours of Continuous Recording

Enhance the use of your cameras. Capture high quality footage with our universal clips, car kits, and mounts.

  • Universal Mounts
  • Car Kits and Clips
  • Cables and Adapters


Used by police agencies worldwide


The LE4 is the 4th generation VIEVU body worn video camera. The LE4 is the first camera built on the next generation modular platform designed as an answer for departments who desire the ability to record a full shift. The LE4 packs an assortment of advanced features into a rugged and compact package.


Compact, rugged and reliable

The LE4mini is the second camera built on the LE4 modular platform. This camera is designed to be ultra-small and extremely rugged.