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A fully hosted evidence management solution. Easily manage all of your video and case file evidence in an easy-to-use website.

  • Simple Website Interface
  • Safe and secure CJIS compliant hosting
  • Manage all of your evidence in one location

Manage your VIEVU law enforcement camera systems on-site with our proprietary, secure software system.

  • Secure On-Site video management
  • Low cost, easy to use and maintain
  • Network compatible to support deployments of all sizes

A hybrid system to maximize the benefits of using VERIPATROL without the burden of storing large amounts of video On-Site.

  • VERIPATROL + Cloud video storage
  • Maximum integration flexibility
  • Infinitely scalable storage

VIEVU Solution | Hosted

Digital Evidence Management Solution


VIEVU Solution™ is the next generation fully-hosted digital evidence management system. Built on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, the first enterprise cloud to directly support CJIS, VIEVU Solution allows you to securely upload videos and documents directly from your computer or smartphone, eliminating the hassle and maintenance of an on-site storage solution. See more detail below or download the data sheet.

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Secure On-Site Video Management

VERIPATROL is an on-site video management system for VIEVU LE cameras. VERIPATROL includes several layers of security to keep your data secure and utilizes a FIPS 140-2 compliant Digital Signature process to prove that video has not been altered. VERIPATROL is fully network capable and can support deployments of all sizes.


Maximize VERIPATROL’s Capabilities by Connecting to the Cloud

VERIPATROL Cloud is a unique hybrid platform that combines an on-site VERIPATROL server and the power of the Cloud to efficiently store your video files. When VERIPATROL is connected to Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, you benefit from the speed and efficiency from an on-site solution, combined with the infinite scalability and streaming performance of the cloud.


Automated Video Redaction (AVR)

VIEVU’s Automated Video Redaction (AVR) platform is a highly advanced video redaction tool built to automatically blur faces and objects without user involvement. VIEVU’s product is 10x faster than other redaction competitors and is optimized to improve the ability to work with high-movement, low light conditions, and low-resolution videos. Most departments qualify for access to the VIEVU AVR system when they sign up for the VIEVU Solution cloud-hosted digital evidence system built on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.