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Oakland Police Test Cloud Storage for Body Camera Video

February 26th, 2015,  Government Technology

The Oakland, Calif., Police Department is piloting a new Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-capable cloud storage platform for body-worn camera video that may help officers better manage the deluge of video they now capture and store.

The adoption of body-worn cameras by law enforcement has significantly accelerated in recent months following protests across the country after grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York not to charge police officers in the deaths of two unarmed black men. Last December, President Barack Obama asked Congress for money to buy 50,000 police body cameras.  Read full article



VIEVU Unveils ‘VIEVU Solution,’ a Low-Cost, Flexible Comprehensive Program for Law Enforcement Agencies Looking to Deploy Body Cameras

February 10th,

VIEVU, an industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for law enforcement, security, and emergency responders today announces ‘VIEVU Solution’, a low-cost and flexible option for law enforcement agencies in need of body worn video cameras. Priced at $55 per month, VIEVU Solution includes the LE3 HD camera, VERIPATROL secure file management software hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, 60GB of storage (expandable for $0.125/GB/month), and 24/7/365 support.

With law enforcement adoption of body worn video accelerating, storing digital evidence has become a major issue as a year’s worth of video from each camera can be about a terabyte of data. By developing a secure storage system on the Azure Government Cloud, VIEVU is helping police departments capture and archive video evidence gathered during a police officer’s daily routine. This provides a convenient, on-demand solution to view, modify, and share video data.  Read full article


Do Body Cameras Lead to Better Policing?

January 29th, Channel 9 News

The police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri prompted calls for police to start wearing body cameras. Soon many of our officers will be outfitted with the devices. But what are the pros and cons? We decided to see for ourselves so you’ll be armed with better information on these devices.

NewsChannel 9 sampled the VIEVU LE3.  An officer would wear the body camera on their chest and it will capture high quality video and audio. Perhaps moments that could change the outcome of a police encounter. The Chattanooga Police department is sampling technology just like this in hopes of outfitting the force. “We test it, we preview it, we research it, and body cameras are one of those things that we have been researching for some time,” says Police Chief Fred Fletcher. Read full article


Data from cop body cameras goes right to Microsoft’s cloud

January 26th, Network World

Ever since the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri Vievu has seen a lot more interest in its product. The Seattle-based company makes a custom video camera that is meant to be worn by police officers to capture video of exactly what cops are doing.  With this technology, if an incident like what happened in Ferguson occurred again then judges, juries and the general public would have video evidence. But videotaping the movements of busy police officers produces a lot of data. And where better to store it than the cloud.  Vievu recently signed a partnership with Microsoft to create a platform in the Azure Government cloud specifically for storing, managing and analyzing the data produced by the Vievu cameras. Read full article


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