VIEVU Announces the Launch of Automated Video Redaction (AVR) Technology

October 13, 2015, PRNewswire

VIEVU, an industry leader in body worn video (“BWV”) and data management solutions today announced the introduction of its Automated Video Redaction (“AVR”) technology, a highly advanced redaction tool built to automatically blur faces and objects, without user involvement, recorded on body worn cameras in order to protect the privacy and identity of victims, innocent bystanders, minors and undercover police officers. VIEVU’s offering of AVR addresses a critical need of police departments, which have delayed their adoption of BWV due to the absence of available redaction technology.
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The lens doesn’t lie

September 1, 2015, The Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald

As cries of police brutality are now more commonplace, it appears that America has reached an intersection where technology and human behavior meet. For members of the Murfreesboro Police Department, they welcome the new technology, which is now being highly favored by law enforcement agencies across the nation in the wake of the August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

Murfreesboro Police Chief Darrell Rowe said the effort to equip his officers with body cameras was directly linked to incidents across the nation where lawmen used deadly force while carrying out their duties. In a few cases, none locally, the use of that type of force has been ruled unjustified, resulting in the arrest of law enforcement officers. “We see the use of body cameras as a way not only to protect our citizens, but our officers as well,” Rowe stated.
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VIEVU Body Cameras Partner with Microsoft

August 6, 2015, Bloomberg

VIEVU CEO Steve Ward discusses the body camera market and the demand for police body cameras. He speaks with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox on “Bloomberg Markets.”
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Stockton Police Department to Deploy 275 VIEVU LE3 Body Worn Cameras

July 23, 2015, PRNewsWire

Safariland®, a leading provider of a diverse range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced that the Stockton Police Department (“SPD”) has deployed 275 VIEVU LE3 body worn cameras.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones has said he is a proponent of the cameras because he believes cameras can help better protect citizens and prevent false allegations of police officer wrongdoing.

“We take trust and accountability very seriously,” Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said. ”Body worn cameras will benefit the public and will benefit police officers. It’s very important to have this trust and accountability in policing.”

“As a former police officer, I understand the importance of providing the highest quality and most reliable camera possible to protect police officers around the world,” said Steve Ward, Founder and President of VIEVU. “The market need for body worn cameras has never been greater. Our number one objective continues to be providing secure, high-resolution products to support the law enforcement community.”
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Safariland Acquires VIEVU, a Leader in Body Worn Video Cameras for Law Enforcement Officers

ONTARIO, California – June 29, 2015 – The Safariland Group (“Safariland”), a leading providerof a diverse range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced that it has acquired VIEVU, a leader in body worn video and data management solutions. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
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Maker of Police Body Cameras Is Acquired

June 28, 2015, Wall Street Journal

Vievu LLC, a maker of police body cameras, has been acquired by Safariland LLC, which is bulking up its portfolio of security products ahead of a planned initial public offering next year. The deal is expected to be announced as soon as Monday.
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VIEVU Launches, a Lightweight and Flexible Hosted Cloud SaaS for Law Enforcement Agencies Looking to Deploy Body Cameras

June 2nd, 2015, GlobeNewswire

VIEVU, an industry leader in body worn video (BWV), today announces the launch of, a low-cost and flexible hosted cloud SaaS solution for law enforcement agencies in need of body worn video cameras. Instead of installing on-site servers and managing software with IT staff, agencies can now upload evidence and manage case files all in one easy to use, secure cloud based web interface.

A top concern for public safety agencies is whether a cloud platform meets the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) policy, which dictates required security elements for the storage of Criminal Justice Information (CJI). Understanding this is a crucial priority for law enforcement and public safety agencies, VIEVU worked with Microsoft Corp. to host on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, which is the first – and only – hyper-scale commercial infrastructure cloud platform contractually committed to helping federal, state and local governments meet CJIS Policy requirements.
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VIEVU Inks Reseller Agreement With Top Canadian Distributor G-Zed Mobile

April 14th, 2015, Nasdaq

VIEVU, an industry leader in body worn video (BWV) today announced a non-exclusive agreement with G-Zed Mobile to launch the VIEVU² body worn video camera in the Canadian market. G-Zed Mobile is the first Canadian representative for the camera and will leverage its network of key retailers and corporations to provide VIEVU with sales, business development, and marketing support. The VIEVU² is designed for consumers and professionals to protect from erroneous accountability/liability as well as efficiently and accurately documents claims. The footage it captures is ideal for industries including private security, SMB’s, insurance, HR, service, property management and many more.
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Booting Up: Storage costs cloud police cam issue

April 13th, 2015, Boston Herald

Police body cameras are controversial, in demand — and a monumental technological undertaking that should be left to cloud computing experts.

Pressure on police departments to deploy body cameras is boiling over as outrage intensifies over the deadly police shooting in South Carolina in which a North Charleston officer shot and killed an unarmed black man as he ran away earlier this month. A video of the April 4 shooting was filmed by a bystander showing a far different version of events than cops officially reported, renewing calls for video as a requirement.

Microsoft and bodycam company VIEVU look to arm law enforcement with better means of accountability

March 18th, 2015, WinBeta

We reported last week about how Microsoft Azure Government Cloud became the first and only cloud offering to meet the CJIS compliance standards and agreements. Since then we’ve gathered more information about how Microsoft’s Azure Government cloud and bodycam partner VIEVU are teaming up to be a driving force in police accountability in the future.

VIEVU CEO and founder Steve Ward helped shed some light on how VIEVU cameras, in conjunction with Azure Government, will play an integral part of public safety professionals, as well as those in private security.

A partnership with Microsoft Azure Government cloud will have VIEVU representing the front end of user interaction. VIEVU will take some of the heavy lifting of managing and storing massive amounts of video data and turning it all into a one-click option and experience backed by a CJIS compliant cloud service via Azure Government.

Back in 2007, Steve set out to address the obvious shortcomings of police surveillance at the time. VIEVU specifically targeted dash cams as they left both police officers as well as citizens at risk with their limited view and functionality. As of today, the secure and high-resolution cameras are being used by over 4,000 law enforcement agencies in over 16 countries across North America. Steve believes that with over 4,000 participants, the cultural conversation of ‘if’ law enforcement should be wearing cameras, shifts rather to ‘when’ will law enforcement be wearing these types of devices?

Oakland Police Test Cloud Storage for Body Camera Video

February 26th, 2015, Government Technology

The Oakland, Calif., Police Department is piloting a new Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS)-capable cloud storage platform for body-worn camera video that may help officers better manage the deluge of video they now capture and store.

The adoption of body-worn cameras by law enforcement has significantly accelerated in recent months following protests across the country after grand jury decisions in Missouri and New York not to charge police officers in the deaths of two unarmed black men. Last December, President Barack Obama asked Congress for money to buy 50,000 police body cameras.
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VIEVU Unveils ‘VIEVU Solution,’ a Low-Cost, Flexible Comprehensive Program for Law Enforcement Agencies Looking to Deploy Body Cameras

February 10th,

VIEVU, an industry leader in body worn video (BWV) for law enforcement, security, and emergency responders today announces ‘VIEVU Solution’, a low-cost and flexible option for law enforcement agencies in need of body worn video cameras. Priced at $55 per month, VIEVU Solution includes the LE3 HD camera, VERIPATROL secure file management software hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, 60GB of storage (expandable for $0.125/GB/month), and 24/7/365 support.

With law enforcement adoption of body worn video accelerating, storing digital evidence has become a major issue as a year’s worth of video from each camera can be about a terabyte of data. By developing a secure storage system on the Azure Government Cloud, VIEVU is helping police departments capture and archive video evidence gathered during a police officer’s daily routine. This provides a convenient, on-demand solution to view, modify, and share video data.
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Do Body Cameras Lead to Better Policing?

January 29th, Channel 9 News

The police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri prompted calls for police to start wearing body cameras. Soon many of our officers will be outfitted with the devices. But what are the pros and cons? We decided to see for ourselves so you’ll be armed with better information on these devices.

NewsChannel 9 sampled the VIEVU LE3. An officer would wear the body camera on their chest and it will capture high quality video and audio. Perhaps moments that could change the outcome of a police encounter. The Chattanooga Police department is sampling technology just like this in hopes of outfitting the force. “We test it, we preview it, we research it, and body cameras are one of those things that we have been researching for some time,” says Police Chief Fred Fletcher.

Data from cop body cameras goes right to Microsoft’s cloud

January 26th, Network World

Ever since the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri Vievu has seen a lot more interest in its product. The Seattle-based company makes a custom video camera that is meant to be worn by police officers to capture video of exactly what cops are doing. With this technology, if an incident like what happened in Ferguson occurred again then judges, juries and the general public would have video evidence. But videotaping the movements of busy police officers produces a lot of data. And where better to store it than the cloud. Vievu recently signed a partnership with Microsoft to create a platform in the Azure Government cloud specifically for storing, managing and analyzing the data produced by the Vievu cameras.
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