Connected. Confident.
Capture the Story.

Every situation has a story, whether predictable or not. The LE5 body-worn camera leads the field in advancing camera technology and design so you can be confident of capturing the critical moments of those stories.

Connected with low-energy power-efficient wireless technology and Wi-Fi.

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LE5 Features

  • USB-C, for fast charging, high speed connection, fully symmetrical and reversible design easy for docking
  • Wireless in-field connectivity
  • 12+ hours continuous recording, +50 hours of footage without docking
  • Records up to 1080p
  • Advanced optics including selectable field of view of 70, 95 or 120 degrees
  • Configurable 3 min pre-record and 1 min post record options
  • Covert mode alerts the wearer to the camera's activities using vibration
  • On/off slide switch
  • Lightweight, weatherproof and impact-resistant

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Evidence Management

Flexible digital evidence management with VIEVU® Solution, a simple website interface for secure storage on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud for government entities, Microsoft Azure Public cloud for non-government entities, or VERIPATROL, an on-site video management system. May require a license to operate LE5 with VERIPATROL. 

  • Meets FBI CJIS compliance standards
  • Affordable and cost-effective data storage options
  • Mobile applications for video download, addition of meta data and case information
  • Securely sharing with unlimited system and non-system users
  • Supported by full chain-of-custody reporting
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