LE5 LITE Body-Worn Camera

LE5 LITE Body-Worn Camera


Body-Worn Camera & Digital Evidence Management Solution

Lightweight, rugged, and weatherproof, the LE5 LITE™ body-worn camera is WiFi enabled, allowing for livestream of videos and metadata at any time. Manage and share your agency’s digital evidence through a secure and user-friendly interface built on CJIS compliant Microsoft Azure Government cloud.

  • Affordable unlimited data storage options
  • Easy to follow training videos for quick deployment
  • Secure Chain-of-Custody evidence sharing

LE5 LITE camera includes a USB download cable and a spring clip.  Additional accessories are available. Not currently compatible with VERIPATROL On-site Software.

LE5 LITE requires a VIEVU Solution subscription (includes MS Azure cloud storage).   View PRO Plan details here.


Download LE5 LITE Detailed Specification Sheet PDF here. 

Download LE5 LITE Whitepaper PDF here. 

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