Current Version:

VERIPATROL™ includes the VidLock™ Security Suite. VidLock™ pairs a camera with an installation of VERIPATROL through the assign camera process. Once paired, the videos recorded on the camera can only be downloaded to your installation. If the camera were to be lost or stolen, the video files cannot be accessed by anyone else.

All cameras MUST be assigned in the VERIPATROL Admin application before recording any video. Failure to assign a camera before recording video will prevent the videos from being downloaded. If you have any questions about the assigning process or VidLock™ security, please contact us.

VERIPATROL NOW AVAILABLE FOR LE5 AND LE5 LITE.  A separate software license must be purchased for LE5 and LE5 LITE cameras.  Contact Sales Support for details.

Please read the VERIPATROL Software License Agreement carefully located here  By submitting your information in the submissions forms to initiate the download of VERIPATROL software, you agree to be bound by the terms of the agreement.  To obtain VERIPATROL software, please contact VIEVU Technical Support at 888-285-4548.


Installation Instructions