VIEVU Body-Worn Camera Grant Assistance Program

The VIEVU Grant Assistance Program helps you connect with body-worn camera grant funding opportunities.  Register your agency for the program to receive no-cost, no-obligation information to assist with your research:

  • Identify programs that provide body-worn camera funding and understand how to get that funding.
  • Stay informed about funding levels, resources, eligibility requirements, program changes and updates that you need to be tracking to keep on top of these funding opportunities.
  • Identify community partnerships you need to be most competitive for grant funding.
  • Develop a body-worn camera technology strategy to support your grant application.
  • Give you tips and advice on what you can do to prepare to compete for body-worn camera grant funds.

Start your research with this download: 10 Steps You Can Take Now to Win a Body-Worn Camera Grant.  Register for the VIEVU Grant Assistance Program to receive the full program of resources, tools, and BWC grant updates as they are posted.