VIEVU is providing you its body-worn video cameras identified on your invoice at no initial charge pursuant to this plan. You agree to a contract with VIEVU as described in these terms and conditions as to each camera identified on your invoice. The length of the contract is twenty four months. You agree to pay VIEVU a monthly fee of $39.99 for each camera listed on your invoice during the contract term, which is a 24 consecutive month period commencing on the shipping date identified on your invoice. Your monthly fee provides you the use of the cameras identified on your invoice as well as access to VIEVU’s VERIPATROL software. During the 24 month contract VIEVU remains the owner of the cameras identified on your invoice. At the conclusion of your contract period the cameras become your property. At the conclusion of your contract period your VERIPATROL access will continue without interruption. You may at any time during the 24 month service plan pay the balance of the service plan and own the cameras without penalty. Please contact VIEVU for further information on paying off the balance of a service plan. If you decide to terminate your contract with VIEVU before the end of your 24 month contract you agree to pay an early termination fee and return the camera to VIEVU. The fee you agree to pay will vary depending on when you choose to terminate your contract within the 24 month contract. The following schedule identifies the early termination fee you agree to pay: $350.00 minus $10 for each full month of your service commitment that you complete. You agree that if you decide to terminate your contract early you will still be responsible for all monthly payments incurred up to the time of termination as well as the early termination fee. Once you have paid all 24 monthly charges you will own the camera. Until you have made those payments the camera will still be VIEVU’s property. Any camera damaged or destroyed by intentional act or attempt to open or alter the camera will be treated as an early termination under the terms of this contract.

Monthly Service Plan Equipment Protection Plan

VIEVU includes an equipment protection plan for its cameras in its 24 month service plan program. VIEVU’s equipment protection plan provides for repair or replacement of any malfunctioning or damaged camera at VIEVU’s option where the damage is not covered by VIEVU’s warranty. VIEVU’s equipment protection plan covers only malfunction and damage caused by accident, however. The equipment protection plan does not cover intentional damage or any damage caused by the customer’s attempt to open or alter the camera. To submit a claim under the Equipment Protection Plan you must return the camera to VIEVU with a description of the cause and nature of the damage sustained. VIEVU will then either repair or replace any camera subject to the terms of the Equipment Protection Plan.