Focus on the Situation.
Trust your camera is on.
Tell your story

With the ever increasing need for transparency, in a world dominated by technology and enhanced scrutiny, Safariland® introduces the world’s first holster with CAS technology - Connected Auto-activation System.

The Safariland holster and camera auto-activation system removes the decision making process of turning on a camera during a potentially life threatening situation, so an officer can be completely focused on the events at hand.

Safariland holster and camera auto-activation technology. Tell your story.

T&E Program

How the Connected Auto-Activation System Works

Automatic. Simple. Reliable.


Firearm Draw

As an officer removes their firearm from the Safariland® 7TS™ holster, the Connected Auto-Activation System is triggered, activating the VIEVU® body worn camera.

Reliable Connection

Wired connection ensures consistent auto-activation.

Camera Activation

Initiated by the firearm draw, the camera automatically begins recording until stopped by the officer.

Pre-Event Record

Once the firearm is drawn, every critical moment is captured, including the 30 seconds prior.

Safariland® 7TS™ Holster With Connected Auto-Activation System

Combining the Benefits of Three Industry Leading Technologies

Safariland® 7TS™ Holster With Camera Auto-Activation System

  • 30 day battery life with replaceable batteries
  • Level II and Level III Retention™ models offered
  • Features the ALS® (Automatic Locking System), which secures weapon once holstered
  • The SLS (Self Locking System) Rotating Hood offers additional security

VIEVU® LE4 Body-Worn Camera

  • Captures 95-degree undistorted field of view
  • Continuous record for over 12 hours without recharging battery
  • Extremely durable billet aluminum
  • 1080, 720 and widescreen 848x480 video resolution

VIEVU® Solution

  • Secure storage on the Microsoft Azure Government cloud
  • CJIS compliant and meets all FBI data security requirements
  • VIEVU® smartphone app enables livestream videos and metadata additions

Call for T&E Participants

Safariland invites your agency to get early access to the world’s first holster and camera auto-activation system — a mission-critical milestone in 21st century policing.

What can you expect from Safariland?

  • Upon submitting the online T&E form, Safariland will reach out within 24-48 hours to schedule a presentation. Safariland will make every effort to include agencies who desire to be part of the T&E program, but due to limited availability, participation is not guaranteed.
  • Safariland will ensure participating agencies are outfitted with all the required equipment — at no cost — including VIEVU LE4 Body-Worn Camera, right-handed Safariland 7360 7TS™ ALS®/SLS Hi-Ride Level III Retention Holster (T&E Program ONLY), both with and without lights supported. Each agency will be equipped with no more than 5 auto-activated holster and camera systems.
  • Safariland product experts will instruct users on holster and body-worn camera operations.
  • Safariland product experts will check-in regularly for feedback.

What is expected from you?

  • Participating agencies will be presented a T&E agreement to review and sign.
  • After the completion of the T&E period, agencies will provide online feedback and be able purchase the holster and camera auto-activation system.
  • Participating agencies may opt-in to provide testimonials and to be referenced in Safariland marketing campaigns.

No Cost to Participate. Limited Availability.

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