VIEVU is a global influencer in body-worn cameras, advancing technology and innovation to the next level. The LE Series of body-worn cameras have become the choice of top agencies for leading camera design and redefining how agencies are integrating wearable technology into policing.

Transformative digital evidence management technology complies with FBI CJIS standards to ensure secure sharing of video and case data. Mobile Accessibility to video evidence & data allows for viewing and updating case information in the field.

All cameras include a minimum 95 degree field-of-view lens captures undistorted video representing the human field of view with no fish-eye distortion and are durable and lightweight, weatherproof, impact resistant, and rugged enough to withstand the rigors of on-duty use.

For full details on how VIEVU body-worn cameras will support your agencies policies and requirements, request a technology strategy or quote. Learn more about our camera options and which is right for your agency below: