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Steve Ward, CEO and Founder

Steve Ward
CEO and Founder

I started VIEVU because cops need a way to record their daily activities for accountability, transparency, and protection from false complaints. The cops already had dash cams, but those only recorded about 5% of police activity that happened in front of the patrol car. What they really needed was a wearable camera that captured 100% of their daily activities.

I am a 15 year veteran of the Seattle Police Department with 6 years on the SWAT team, and after that a Vice President of Marketing and International Sales for Taser International. From these experiences, I gained the knowledge to build a camera that would protect them.

Six years later, VIEVU has cameras being used by over 3000 police agencies in 15 countries. We are the de-facto market leader in market share for the law enforcement market. We estimate that VIEVU has an 80% share of the law enforcement body worn video market.

Our six years have led us to learn something important – there are others out there that need the same technology of body worn cameras in their jobs and daily activities. Others also have the need to show their daily work, protect themselves from false complaints, and protect their businesses from liability.

In our 6 years, we have had school bus drivers, private security companies, insurance adjusters, plumbers, and a multitude of other professionals buy our cameras. You might be asking yourself “why?” It’s simple – imagine you own or work for a service company that sends employees into houses/businesses to work. You get complaints every day from customers who accuse you of not doing the work you committed to, scraping the hardwood floors, stealing the watch on the counter – you get the idea. Imagine if you had a camera where you could prove you did the right thing. You would save thousands of dollars yearly in nuisance complaints.

We have had HR representatives tell us they don’t have a meeting with an employee without one of our cameras. Whether it is a hiring, a firing, or just a simple employee performance evaluation. It is the video that protects them from a false complaint later. And besides, everyone behaves better when they are on video – it’s psychologically proven.

Cops have proven already that when video evidence exists, the complainers drop their complaint 50% of the time immediately upon being told there is video from their incident. In the 50% that get investigated, the officers are exonerated from wrongdoing 93% of the time.

Amazing, isn’t it? Most people do the right thing all day, everyday. At VIEVU, we give them the ability to prove it to the world!

VIEVU – We prove your truth!