Business Description

VIEVU®, a member of the Safariland Group, designs, develops, manufactures and markets wearable video cameras and software for both law enforcement and private professionals worldwide. VIEVU partnered with Microsoft® to develop the VIEVU Solution™ hosted cloud platform on Microsoft® Azure Government, the first enterprise cloud designed specifically for United States government customers that directly supports CJIS. The VIEVU Solution allows government customers to store their data in the Cloud without concern over CJIS compliance. VIEVU has distributed its products throughout the United States as well as in 16 international countries.   VIEVU markets its products using a sales network of inside and outside sales staff, domestic dealers and international distributors. VIEVU LLC was founded in 2007 and is based in Seattle, WA USA. 


 The Safariland Group, a company with a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets for 50 years, encompasses a group of recognized and well-respected brands known for their innovation and quality. We are committed to focusing on the customer first in all we do. Our Mission, Together, We Save Lives, is much more than statement; it is a creed we live by.


VIEVU currently manufactures and develops the following products: 




Corporate Management

Steve Ward (President and Founder)

Steve is the President and founder of VIEVU, a manufacturer of wearable video camera systems for law enforcement and private professionals. His company revolutionizes the way police agencies keep evidence of their daily work and experiences. The liability present in law enforcement actions creates the need for officers, and administrators, to have protection from any unfounded complaint that may arise. The new technology also provides indisputable evidence for later use in the prosecution of criminal cases. As this technology migrates to the private sector, there will be a substantial growth of body worn video cameras used by professionals in industries requiring similar liability protection as law enforcement.


Prior to creating VIEVU, Steve was the Vice President of Marketing and International Sales for Taser International. Steve spent the first 13 years of his working career with the Seattle Police Department including 6 years on the SWAT team. During his police career, Steve testified before the WA State legislature, authored numerous studies and articles on non-lethal weapons policies and practices, and completed a review on non-lethal weapons policy for the National Institute of Justice.


Steve has an MBA from the Edinburgh Business School, a Certificate from the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, and a B.S. from the University of Oregon.

Jason Wine (Vice President of Engineering & Technology)

Jason is the Vice President of Engineering and Technology for VIEVU. Jason comes to VIEVU from Liberty Mutual Insurance where he served in several capacities including IT Support Analyst, Sr. Business Analyst and Manager of Corporate Security Systems. During his career, Jason gained extensive experience in desktop support, programming and design, and the administration of servers, PBXs and networks. He has developed high-level enterprise security and infrastructure management systems. Jason has worked with law enforcement entities, including the FBI, in an investigatory capacity by culling forensic and electronic case evidence.


Jason received a B.S. from the University of Washington and holds several IT related certifications from Microsoft and CompTIA.

Joe Pioli (Vice President of Sales)

Joe is the Vice President of Sales. Joe joins VIEVU after a distinguished career as a police officer in the State of Washington for over 24 years. Joe spent the last 20 of those years with the Seattle Police Department including 15 years on the department’s SWAT Team and is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM).


Joe started at VIEVU as a Regional Sales Manager. He progressed to International Sales Manager and was finally promoted to Director after retirement from Law Enforcement.


Joe was born and raised in Seattle and now lives in Arizona.