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VIEVU Solution Cloud Platform
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Multi-Dock Network

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System Requirements

There are 3 requirements:

  1. You have purchased a VIEVU Solution subscription plan for each camera.
  2. A computer with Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 is available for camera assignment and download using the VIEVU Solution Connector software.
  3. You have an internet connection that meets the minimum specifications below at each location where camera downloads will occur.
  4. Internet Bandwidth Requirements

# of Cameras

Upload Speed (Mbps)
for SD Resolution

Upload Speed (Mbps)
for 720 Resolution

15 10 23
16-30 15 35
31-45 25 58
46-75 40 92
76-99 55 127
100+ 55+ 127+

Contact VIEVU for deployments with more than 100 cameras per site

For questions: email VIEVU or call 888-285-4548