What is VIEVU Solution?

VIEVU Solution is a fully hosted digital evidence management system. It allows you to securely store videos or any other type of electronic evidence file such as pictures, reports or other documents.


How does VIEVU Solution work?

Since VIEVU Solution is fully hosted you simply access the software through any modern internet browser. We currently support the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Firefox.


Is VIEVU Solution a fully hosted cloud application?

Yes. Since it is fully hosted you do not need to install, maintain or backup an on-site server.


Is there any software that must be installed on-site?

Yes. Unfortunately due to security reasons a website cannot talk directly to our camera. Therefore on any computer where camera assignment or video upload will occur, the “VIEVU Solution Connector” application must be installed. However, single sign-on is used to make a seamless connection from the website to VIEVU Solution Connector.


Where can I download the VIEVU Solution Connector application?

You can download the software from the ‘Documentation & Software’ page under the ‘Settings’ menu of your VIEVU Solution account.


How can I download, review video and add metadata when in the field?

The VIEVU Solution mobile app allows you to review video and edit metadata on your VIEVU Camera. The mobile app connects to your camera from any mobile device running Andriod 4.1 or iOS 9+. An internet connection is required to authenticate login and camera security information. You can also use the app to review video before upload to the cloud in situations where immediate access to the video is needed.


Can I upload evidence from the field?

Yes. The VIEVU Solution mobile app allows you to upload from any from any mobile device running Andriod 4.1 or iOS 9+ with an internet connection. However, due to the available network bandwidth, it may take a considerable amount of time to upload large files to the cloud over slow network connections such as 4G. It is recommended to only upload when a Wi-Fi connection is available.


Can I use a Docking Station with VIEVU Solution?

Yes.  Information on connecting your Docking station to VIEVU Solution can be found in the Docking Station User Guide.


How is VIEVU Solution licensed?

VIEVU Solution is licensed per camera. You must purchase a subscription for each camera that you want to use. You can add as many users as you would like.


What are the requirements to use VIEVU Solution?

There are 3 requirements:

  1. You have purchased a VIEVU Solution subscription plan for each VIEVU camera
  2. A computer with Windows 7, 8 or 10 is available for camera assignment and upload using VIEVU Solution Connector
  3. You have an internet connection at each location where camera downloads will occur that meets the minimum upload bandwidth speed for the number of cameras for that site.

    Internet Bandwidth Requirements

    # of Cameras

    Upload Speed (Mbps)

    15 10
    16-30 15
    31-45 25
    46-75 40
    76-105 55
    105+ 55+

    Contact VIEVU for deployments with more than 105 cameras per site.


Can I migrate my data from VERIPATROL?

Yes. Contact VIEVU for for more information.


What happens to my data at the end of my subscription or trial if I do not renew?

VIEVU is committed to giving you the means to effectively retrieve you data. We will provide you with access for free for 30 days after the end of the subscription and give you a tool that will allow you to download all of the data from the site in a format that is searchable for retrieval at a later date.