“The rapid response, the detail to Customer Service and genuine determination to “Make it right” attitude of this company and its personnel have won me, us over forevermore. This company, supplied us with sound hardware and software.”

Chief Rex Evans
Cleveland ISD Police Department


“It wasn't just the simplistic design or the tested durability that has kept me with VIEVU since 2012, it was the superior customer service you receive from VIEVU.”

Chief Steve Norman
Henryetta, Oklahoma Police Department


“Our prosecutor used the words'game changer' when it came to prosecutions... All we need to do is push a button to share or view the evidence.”

Sgt Fiola
Shelton Police Department


“The West Fork Police Department has been very pleased with VIEVU products; culminating with our current set of cameras the LE5 LITE. The LE5 LITE has been easy to setup, deploy, and use on duty. In a short time the body cameras have helped our officers to collect evidence and refute complaints. They are one of those tools that you will add to your short list of items you never go 10-8 without”

Officer Justin Goggans
West Fork PD


“I believe we are in an age where monitoring of activities, either by law enforcement or those we deal with, has become second nature. How many times have we seen a bad police situation posted up on YouTube? Many citizens are recording so why aren’t we?”

Chief Trevor Whipple
South Burlington PD, VT


“I think the smartest piece of equipment on officer can carry, other than a firearm, is your device.”

Retired Sergeant Ron McCarthy
Los Angeles PD SWAT


“After trying a demo unit, all of our detectives wanted one. They used the demo unit on several field interviews, and on a knock and talk. We were so impressed that we bought the demo and are ordering several more.”

Captain Ken Bernardi, Patrol Commander
Shepherdsville, KY


“I have managed our digital video evidence since its inception. Being able to document incidents from the officers’ perspective is the ultimate goal. Unlike fixed in-car recording units, the product from VIEVU allows the contact to be documented from the officers’ standpoint, regardless of where they may be. Officers can focus more on the incident at hand, and less on being concerned if the incident was captured in front of their patrol vehicle.”

Officer K. Kowalik


“We recorded a traffic stop that lead to a methamphetamine for sale arrest. The suspect initially told detectives it was not her car, purse or drugs. Once she was told the whole stop and her conversations were all video recorded and her attorney saw the supplemental report to that effect, she plead guilty and took the offered deal at the preliminary hearing thus saving court time, trial. OT, etc.”

Undercover Sergeant


“I have many officers who want their VIEVU issued to them ASAP. They have seen the results and like the idea of having a camera with them. This is as great as switching from a revolver to a pistol so to speak. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video with audio is worth a million.”

Lt. K. Musgrove
Union City PD, CA