Maximize VERIPATROL’s Capabilities by Connecting to the Cloud

VERIPATROL Cloud is a unique hybrid platform that combines an on-site VERIPATROL server and the power of the cloud to efficiently store your video files. When VERIPATROL is connected to Microsoft Azure Government cloud, you benefit from the speed and efficiency from an on-site solution, combined with the infinite scalability and streaming performance of the cloud.

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  • Hybrid design — Reduces overall storage costs and speeds up file transfer time. Eliminates camera downtime waiting for video files to upload to the Cloud.
  • Infinitely scalable — There is no limit to the amount of video that can be stored in the cloud. Never worry about storage space again.
  • CJIS Compliant — Hosted on Microsoft Azure Government* ensuring maximum security and compliance with CJIS.
  • Effortless video sharing — A secure, expiring link can be created to view a video file from any Internet connected computer. Never burn a DVD again for a prosecutor.
  • No additional training — Existing VERIPATROL users will continue to utilize the software in the exact same interface. No additional training or explanation required.

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