A Camera For Every Officer.
Secure Evidence Management For Every Agency


LE5 LITE System Features

The VIEUV® LE5 LITE body-worn camera and evidence management system is designed to be secure, simple to use and affordable for agencies of any size.

  • Undistorted Wide 95-Degree FOV

  • Lightweight Design

  • Weatherproof IP66

  • Stores over 24 hours of Footage

  • Desktop & Mobile Platforms

  • Secure Microsoft Azure Government Cloud

  • Complies with FBI CJIS Standards

  • Full Shift Standby

Tell The Story

Body-worn cameras provide an accurate account of what occurred, what was said, and the time and duration of an event. Video evidence helps showcase the point-of-view of the officer, protect the reputation of agencies, and reduce the incidence of erroneous complaints.

Simple to operate, the LE5 LITE body-worn camera is lightweight, weatherproof, and tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday patrol.


Evidence Management Solutions

VIEVU Solution™ is a user-friendly, FBI CJIS-compliant video storage interface built on Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. With seamless integration, highly private and mission critical data moves effortlessly and securely between camera, smartphone, and desktop apps – all with sharing capabilities.

Using the LE5 LITE's WiFi, a smartphone and VIEVU Smartphone App (iPhone, Android, Windows), officers also have the ability to livestream videos and add metadata to a file while they're in the field.

Evidence storage packages ensure costs are transparent and consistent while IT and maintenance needs are simplified or eliminated.

 VERIPATROL on-site video management system meets FBI CJIS compliance standards, is cost effective and supports secure sharing and chain-of-custody reporting.  May require a license to operate LE5 LITE with VERIPATROL.