LE5 Body-Worn Camera

LE5 Body-Worn Camera

To purchase contact VIEVU: 1-888-285-4548 or info@vievu.com

LE5 Body-Worn Camera

Technology and innovation advance the LE5 body-worn camera to the next level of connectivity and flexibility for law enforcement. With an expanded feature set, LE5 gives agencies more options to integrate their body-worn cameras, enhancing officer protection and performance.

The LE5 camera features USB-C connectivity, a fast charging, high speed connection with a fully symmetrical and reversible design for easy docking.  With both wireless and wired connectivity for CAS auto-activation technology, CAS technology triggers the camera’s record function when a firearm is drawn from a Safariland® duty holster.

The LE5 is WiFi enabled, allowing for livestreaming of videos and metadata at any time. Manage and share your agency's digital evidence through VIEVU® Solution, a secure and user-friendly interface built on CJIS compliant Microsoft® Azure Government cloud or interface with the on-site security of VERIPATROL

  • Affordable unlimited data storage options
  • USB-C, for fast charging, high speed connection, fully symmetrical and reversible design easy for docking
  • Wireless in-field connectivity
  • 12+ hours continuous recording, +50 hours of storage
  • Records up to 1080p
  • Advanced optics including selectable field of view of 70, 95 or 120 degrees
  • Configurable 3 min pre-record and 1 min post record options
  • Covert mode alerts the wearer to the camera's activities using vibration
  • On/off slide switch
  • Lightweight, weatherproof and impact-resistant

Hardware, software and services can be purchased directly from VIEVU Sales 1-888-285-4548.   The LE5 camera includes a USB download cable and a ClipLock spring clip.  Additional accessories are available. 

LE5 camera requires a VIEVU Solution subscription or a VERIPATROL on-site software license.  See software options here.


For more information on ClipLock Mounting System and other ClipLock accessories, click here.

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