How do I connect the camera to the computer for download?

The LE series cable is required for download. The cable has 3 connectors. All 3 connectors will be connected. Connect the small connector to the bottom of the camera and the 2 regular size USB connectors to the computer. Once connected, turn the camera on by sliding the lens cover down. The camera is now ready for download.


The LED light stays solid green and the camera is frozen.

Using a paper clip, press the reset button (the round hole) that is located next to the USB port. No data will be lost.


How do I know my camera is recording?

When the camera is recording, the LED light will blink. If the light is a solid color, it is not recording.


How can I tell when the battery/free space is almost used up?

The LED light will turn red and continue blinking when you have about 20% of time or free space left.


How do I know when my camera is fully charged?

The LED light will show solid red when charging. When charge is complete, the LED light will turn off.


How long does it take to charge the battery?

The LE and LE2 cameras use a lithium ion battery. A completely dead battery will take approximately 3 hours to charge using the wall charger.


How do I properly attach the micro USB cord to the camera?

The micro USB has a rounded edge and a flat edge. Align the rounded edge with the top of the plug and insert carefully. Do not force as this may cause permanent damage to the camera.


When capacity is full, will my camera stop recording or will it loop over itself?

The camera will stop recording at full capacity and the LED light will turn solid red.


The date/time stamp is incorrect on my videos.

All VIEVU cameras are set to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to ensure accuracy. The date/time stamp can be changed on LE3 series cameras to use your local time zone. Please refer to for time conversion from your location. If you feel the time stamp is not accurate please contact us for assistance.


What is the expected lifespan of the camera?

Four years.


Can I take my camera underwater?

No. The cameras can withstand direct exposure to water through heavy rain but it is not submersible. (IPX5 waterproof).


When I play a video all I see is a black screen.

The ffdshow codec is not installed on the computer. The ffdshow codec can be downloaded and installed here.


How do I improve my videos in low light conditions?

Although the cameras work well in low light, adding supplementary lighting (ie: flashlight, street light, headlights) will enhance the low light quality.