ClipLock Uniform Clamp

ClipLock Uniform Clamp


This versatile mount is designed to securely attach to most clothing, including heavier-weight fabric without damaging fabric or relying on heavy magnets. Made from ABS plastic, this lightweight and weatherproof mount can be attached to outwear and worn for an entire season. Metal adjustment screws ensure that, once installed, the Uniform Clamp is locked into a secure position providing a highly stable surface for VIEVU body-worn cameras. *Remove for washing

Fits LE5 cameras.  To adapt LE5 LITE and LE4 cameras, please purchase the ClipLock Kit for easy conversion.


For all orders please contact VIEVU Sales at 1-888-285-4548 or email

Conversion kit required for LE5 LITE and LE4 cameras

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