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The World’s 1st Holster & Camera Auto-Activation System

  • An officer removes their firearm from the Safariland 7TS™ holster
  • Initiated by the firearm draw, the VIEVU LE4 automaticaly is turned on
  • Every moment is captured, including the 30-seconds prior

The 1st Evidence Management Software Built on Microsoft Azure for Government

  • Rapid deployment for small and large agencies alike
  • Full chain of custody and CJIS compliance support
  • Quickly find, view, and manage video data — any device, anywhere

The Industry’s Only 4th Generation Camera

  • Simplest to operate and flexible mounting options for the toughest of conditions
  • Undistorted, 95-degree field of view maximizes evidence accuracy
  • Live streaming over WiFi ensures the officer’s story is truthful